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Michelle Montague on Patience: Lessons from Kayla Harrison and Mayra Bueno Silva

Michelle Montague on lessons she got from Kayla Harrison
Michelle Montague

Undefeated MMA fighter Michelle Montague is steadily making a name for herself in the sport, thanks to guidance from elite fighters Kayla Harrison and Mayra Bueno Silva. Training out of the American Top Team, Montague (4-0) aims to extend her perfect record when she faces Karolina Sobek at Bellator Champions Series: Dublin at 3Arena in Ireland.

Training in Coconut Creek, Florida, Montague sharpens her skills with some of the world's top fighters. UFC competitors Harrison and Silva have shared vital advice with the New Zealand-born featherweight, stressing the importance of patience in every aspect of her training and fighting career.

“When you’re in camp, you have to have patience,” Montague expressed. “Whether it’s in the transitions or whatever, just the key thing I remember all the time, and I think about it probably every training session, is patience. Like taking that moment to breathe, whether it’s between rounds, during the round, or in certain positions or even waiting for fight news. The term ‘patience,’ I think, covers it all.”

Montague’s professional MMA career has been spotless so far, with all her victories achieved via rear-naked choke. Despite her success, she admits that her skills are still developing. Her confidence is bolstered by training with championship-caliber partners like Harrison and “Sheetara.”

Her upcoming match against Sobek (4-2) will be her first fight in ten months. While the long wait has tested her patience, it has also allowed her to fully absorb the teachings from her mentors, preparing her for a more active fight schedule.

“I think that recipe is forever growing, especially as you get more skills across the board,” Montague said. “That’s never going to be complete for I feel like any fighter, just based on who you fight and who you’ve become. Especially women don’t develop or mature completely in athletics until they’re 30, and I just turned that. It’s an interesting thought, because yeah, (I’m) young in the professional career, absolutely, but not that young in life."

As Montague continues to grow and refine her skills, the advice from Harrison and Silva remains central to her journey, guiding her through the intricacies of a burgeoning MMA career.


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