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Michigan Legendary MMA Fighter Turned Bare Knuckle Boxer Josh Burns put on a great display!

Josh Burns a great Friend recaps his Thursday night Bout at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships !!

A recap on this past Thursday night fights!! Man what a Great War @levi_pitbull had! Went all 5 rounds this is a clip that I liked 😂 (he put me on my butt twice) BUT this was right after he got me down and I was able to return the favor. At this point in my career I just love a good fight with an awesome warrior! Thank you to @bybextreme and my team @chrisgoldengloves and @knuckleuppodcast. This is what bareknuckle fights are about blood, heart and the passion to compete!! It was an absolute honor to share the trigon with Levi and look forward to doing again soon. Thank you to @dphhr @coachtoughill @melmatchmaker @bloomgreg @official. bigmo and last but not least the MAN himself @bybmike !!! I absolutely feel like family at BYB and know I've found my home. They treated my fiancé @gypsy_cals94 and my lil man "man" like family as well. I could go on and on but man what an absolute incredible night!! Love all of you for the support and look forward to my next fight that's in the works right now and TRUST ME..... You don't wanna miss this one!!! 💯


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