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Mike Perry Eyes MMA Return After Jake Paul Showdown

Mike Perry Eyes MMA Return After Jake Paul Showdown
Jake Paul (left) , Mike Perry (right)

Mike Perry, the BKFC’s “King of Violence,” is gearing up for a potential return to MMA after his highly anticipated boxing match against Jake Paul on July 20. Perry, who hasn't competed in MMA since his final UFC fight in 2021, was considering a bout against Dillon Danis, a former Bellator fighter, before landing the fight with Paul.

Perry revealed his plans in a recent interview, highlighting his interest in facing Danis under MMA rules rather than boxing. It’s interesting, Perry said.

“I was still looking at that Dillon Danis fight. That wasn’t going to be a boxing match because we all saw how he performed in boxing. I don’t want any excuses. I was supposed to fight him after I beat up Jake Paul but after I beat Jake Paul, let’s be honest, I could just chill out for a bit and let things unravel around me.”

Danis, known for his Brazilian jiu-jitsu expertise, has a 2-0 record in Bellator but hasn't fought in MMA since 2019. Despite teasing his return to MMA, he shifted his focus to influencer boxing, engaging in high-profile matches such as the one against Logan Paul. The verbal sparring between Perry and Danis almost led to a real fight, but Perry’s commitment to boxing against Jake Paul took precedence.

Perry emphasized his readiness to return to MMA, noting his recent training sessions with high-level UFC fighters like Lyoto Machida.

“I was going to knee him in the face and elbow him,”

Perry said about Danis:

“If he gives up his back, I would have tried to go for the choke. Why not? I ain’t got a submission before, I like to punch people. I am very highly skilled in MMA. It might just be something that I take to the grave, those skills. I recently did an MMA round with Lyoto Machida and a couple other high-level UFC fighters, jiu-jitsu black belts and I’ve still got it.”

The outcome of Perry’s fight against Jake Paul could significantly influence his next steps. A victory, especially if it comes in the form of the seventh-round knockout he predicts, might open numerous opportunities. Despite his enthusiasm for MMA and boxing, Perry remains loyal to BKFC, where he signed a new long-term deal in August 2023.

“I definitely owe BKFC,” Perry stated. “I’ve definitely got to get back in there for them. They do have some plans to bring me back by the end of the year.”

Perry’s future in combat sports appears bright, with potential bouts in MMA, BKFC, and even boxing. His journey continues to captivate fans, and his showdown with Jake Paul could be a pivotal moment in his career.


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