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Mike Perry Reigns Supreme: BKFC 56 Declares a New 'King of Violence' and Sparks McGregor Showdown

In a brutal showcase of bare-knuckle combat, Mike Perry claimed the title of the new "King of Violence" at BKFC 56, dethroning former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez in a thrilling headliner that ended with Alvarez's corner throwing in the towel after the second round.

Perry, now boasting an impressive 4-0 record in BKFC, displayed unwavering resilience as he absorbed Alvarez's relentless strikes with apparent ease while retaliating with his own punishing blows. The fast-paced and intense four-minute battle left no doubt about Perry's dominance in the ring.

Post-fight, Perry expressed his desire for more high-profile challenges, and none other than Conor McGregor found himself in the crosshairs. The self-proclaimed "King of Violence" wasted no time calling out the biggest name in the UFC, citing his victory over Alvarez, whom McGregor had previously fought for a world title.

“Conor McGregor would be a great matchup,” Perry declared. “I just beat somebody he fought for a world title. Who’s bigger than that, though? There’s nobody bigger than Conor McGregor except me?”

This bold challenge adds another layer of intrigue to Perry's burgeoning legacy in BKFC. Having left the UFC in 2021, Perry has seamlessly transitioned into becoming the face of BKFC, with a string of victories over notable opponents.

The potential showdown with McGregor teased during a faceoff back in April, has captured the imagination of fight fans and BKFC president David Feldman alike. Feldman has expressed the dream of seeing McGregor step into the BKFC ring, and what better opponent than the newly crowned "King of Violence"?

As Perry revels in his victory and eyes new challenges, the prospect of a clash with McGregor elevates the excitement surrounding both fighters, setting the stage for a potential blockbuster event that could reshape the landscape of combat sports.


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