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Mike Tyson Is Scared To Fight Holyfield Again

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield faced off with eachother in the 90s. Their first bout in 1996, Holyfield being the Victor. Their second bout I'm 1997, Tyson got disqualified for the infamous ear bite which took a chunk out of Evanders ear.

Tyson made a return to fight Roy Jones Jr last year at 54 years old, for his first pro fight in over 15 years. He did phenomenally. He might just be here-say but folks are saying Tyson is scared to battle Holyfield a 3rd time.

Holyfield is now 58 years old and returning to the boxing ring to fight Vitor Belfort, the MMA phenom. It's hard to say how exactly this fight will go but considering they're both excellent fighters we know this one will bring fireworks!

Do you think Tyson should fight Holyfield for a 3rd time? Who would win? Who do you think will win between Evander and Vitor! Fight.TV wants to know!

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