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Mike Tyson VS Logan Paul 2022

Logan Paul couldn't beat a 44 year old Mayweather and now has his eyes set on a 55 year old Mike Tyson. Before the young Paul stands an armada for professional and amateur boxers his age who would love to swing on him, but he continues to try and keep his edge against old heads.

Not to worry though, we saw how he faired against a significantly smaller Mayweather. Now we get to watch him go against Iron Mike who is much closer to his size. We saw Mike come out of retirement last year to fight Roy Jones Jr. Where a winner wasn't really announced but it was clearly Mike's fight.

Logan might think he has a chance given Tysons age, but old man strength is real and I think Tyson wants to knock Paul back into climbing ranks. This bout is supposed to take place February 2022 and will be an exhibition much like both Paul and Tysons prior fights.

Fight.TV has our money on Tyson. We wish Logan Paul would follow in his brother's footsteps and start trying to fight contenders and boxers who are his peers. Maybe after Tyson knocks him out and cracks some ribs, we'll get to see the other Paul finally fight someone his own age. Jake is finally doing so in his bout against Tommy Fury this December.

Share and tell us if you think either of the Paul brothers stand a chance in their upcoming fights!


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