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Money over Matter: why Conor Mcgregor may get UFC lightweight title shot against Charles Oliveira ?

If we think about the UFC lightweight title or Charles Oliveira's next fight, we have the same name. And that's Justin Gatheja. But unfortunately this is not happening because Conor McGregor is putting his name in the hat, especially when the latter has only two fights left over his current UFC contract. In recent years, promotions have quickly become a 'money fight' rather than a merit-based competition. As we have seen, UFC welterweight standout Leon Edwards has been consistently overlooked for his shot at Kumaro Usman as he is not a big draw despite winning 9 fights in a row - which is why Birmingham Fighter Could hardly get a booking - then Jorge Masvidal, who recently withdrew from the UFC 269 due to an unknown injury, reinforced speculation that the latter had beaten former enemy Colby Cunnington. Has withdrawn to start a big money fight against And more recently, American Dustin Poir chose to fight McGregor instead of challenging Charles Oliveira for the title. From the point of view of promotions, and no matter what is said in public. Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Connor McGregor has pulled off 4 of the top five PPV buyers in UFC history, and has had a huge impact on promotional sponsorship deals and what not, so There's a lot of talk about not getting a title shot. It is thought that McGregor has not fought since breaking his leg in a trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in Abu Dhabi, but at UFC 269 the Brazilian fought to oliveira after submitting McGregor's old enemy Dustin Poirier. Put your name in the hat. The UFC lightweight champion was responding to a call from the Irish Warriors for the next shot, cutting his paycheck against McGregor just hours after Poirier's victory, despite Dana White saying Justin Gathage would be in the front line. ۔ Given the pay gap between UFC-PPV points and McGregor Fight, few would agree to a Brazilian fight for a huge sum that would change the lives of the locals of Guerrero. But where will it leave Justin Gethsemane? - Most likely Gathese will sit outside and wait to see if McGregor will be given the next title shot, but Nate Diaz has not signed a new 5 Fight contract with the UFC. Can With only a few battles left on the Irish Fighter's deal, the UFC could see the next Diaz trilogy, but if they want to give the former double champion a title shot, and if they want to win - the Diaz trilogy fight for 155lbs of title promotion. There will be a PPV jackpot, which they will definitely not get away with. Despite all the 'ifs and butts', the fact is that Conor McGregor has not won a light fight at UFC since defeating Eddie Alvarez for the 2016 UFC 205 title at MSG. Congratulations to Olivera on becoming the 11th UFC Lightweight Champion. Wondering who the Twelve are ...?


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