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Munguia v.s Berlanga on hold!!!

A few weeks ago there were rumors of a potencial clash between Munguia v.s Berlanga was in the works and many including myself were excited about the fight. Sadly Im hear to say that it wont be happenning this year thats for sure, so dont keep your hope's up on this one. Munguia's promotor Óscar De La Hoya stated in a interview that Berlanga's team prefered to go a different route. Meanwhile in Goldenboy Promotions they are in negociations with two big names in the super middleweight division to take Munguia to the next level, for now they will keep it a secret until negociations are complete. As a fan I really wanted to see this fight, Mexico v.s Puerto Rico fights are alway great ones. Sadly Berlanga's team doesnt think he is ready for the big dogs just yet.


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