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O'Malley wants the Big Money Fights!!

Newly crowned bantamweight world UFC champion "Sugar" Sean O'Malley wants a boxing fight against Geovanta "Tank" Davis. It seems he wants to mímic McGregor or is it the UFC's desperate attemp to creat another cash cow? Then why the comparisons?

Lets face it niether fighter is on Floyds or McGregors level, not in boxing nor in star power at this moment. Ofcourse they are on their way but not there yet I believe.

Here the comparisons quickly flooded social media, we will have to see if "Tank" is interested in such a fight. Well the good thing is that is Davis doesnt want that fight Ryan Garcia would like it.

To me this is more of a fair fight and it would sell alot more PPV buys, Alot more, lets not forget Garcia has a very strong social media following and he was the one that made Davis v.s Garcia a hit because of his strong following.


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