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ONE Championship Addresses Sage Northcutt's Claims on Visa Issues

Sage Northcutt during press talk
Sage Northcutt

In the wake of Sage Northcutt's withdrawal from his highly anticipated bout with Shinya Aoki at ONE 165, ONE Championship has stepped forward to address the controversy surrounding the visa issues that led to Northcutt's absence. Responding to Northcutt's claims on social media, ONE Championship has labeled the incident as a "misunderstanding" and expressed its desire to resolve the situation amicably.

The dispute arose when Northcutt withdrew from the bout citing issues with his cornermen's visas. According to Northcutt, he was not adequately informed about the status of his coaches until shortly before the match, leading to his decision to pull out of the fight. However, ONE Championship contends that the confusion stemmed from changes in how third-party visas are processed, resulting in unforeseen complications for multiple athletes.

In a statement addressing Northcutt's concerns, ONE Championship acknowledged the difficulties faced by athletes due to visa processing issues. The organization emphasized its efforts to communicate the ongoing challenges to athletes and their management but acknowledged a misunderstanding in the options presented to Northcutt and his team.

While Northcutt raised additional concerns regarding the situation, including potential legal repercussions for his coaches and vague references to other issues within the promotion, ONE Championship did not directly address these comments. Instead, the organization reiterated its commitment to resolving the visa issue and ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved.

As both sides work towards a resolution, fans eagerly await further updates on the situation and hope to see Sage Northcutt back in action in the ONE Championship arena soon.


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