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Paddy Pimblett Calls Out Jake Paul

Dudes, this right here would be a cool fight. Paddy Pimblett to those who don't yet know him is a ferocious young MMA Fighter who has got hands!

The Baddie was asked about watching the Woodley-Paul bout and responded with - "No, I don't waste my time watching shit like that. The only thing I've seen is where Woodley catches him with a punch and nearly knocks him out. I've heard off a few people that Woodley got robbed. But it's one of their minutes. You need to finish people like that or you'll get robbed."

On Jake Paul - "he's a sausage, I'd fight him tomorrow and beat him up." Paddy said he would take a fight with Jake Paul for the money and he'd gladly punch his face in. So the question goes to ask - would Jake Paul take the fight?

Paul likes to fight dudes who train in MMA and not boxing so that's a plus for Paddy but... Paddy is young in his 20's, and Jake Paul likes to fight guys in their late 30's. Let us know

@Fight.TV who you think would win!!!


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