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Patricio Pitbull Prefers Bellator Over PFL, Criticizes 'Bullsh*t' Scoring System

Patricio Pitbull celebration with titles
Patricio Pitbull

In the upcoming clash between Bellator featherweight champion Patricio Pitbull and 2023 PFL featherweight season winner Jesus Pinedo, Pitbull makes his allegiance clear – he prefers Bellator over PFL, expressing dissatisfaction with the latter's format and scoring system.

Pitbull, set to defend his 145-pound Bellator championship, emphasizes the unique aura of Bellator events compared to the PFL. He vividly describes the difference: 

"At the PFL, what I saw was a studio. It doesn’t excite me to fight on that format."

While acknowledging PFL's impressive structure and futuristic elements, such as LED corners, Pitbull remains skeptical. He expresses his preference to wait and see how PFL evolves, stating, 

"I’d rather stay with Bellator."

The Bellator champion's criticism extends to the PFL's season and scoring system, which prioritizes points over the level of opposition faced. Pitbull deems this approach as "bullsh*t" and unfair, pointing out the flaw in advancing based solely on points: "It’s sh*t."

As Pitbull's contract approaches its end, he remains cautious about his future. While open to the UFC, he acknowledges positive interactions with PFL founder Donn Davis. Describing Davis as "a kid with a new toy," Pitbull appreciates Davis's excitement, which adds a layer of intrigue to the potential challenges of operating with two brands.

In the evolving landscape of MMA promotions, Patricio Pitbull's loyalty to Bellator reflects not only a commitment to the promotion but also a critique of what he perceives as shortcomings in PFL's approach.


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