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Patricio Pitbull VS AJ Mckee

The UFC continues to hold various events in the coming days keeping in mind the sentiments and aspirations of all its fighters and fans. The battle we are going to talk about today is the main event of Belator 263. In which AJ McKee will compete against Patricio Pitbull.

The two division champions will compete in the upcoming Belatir Show on July 31.

Let us tell you about these two fighters.

Pitbull (32-4) is a ruthless, strong and lively fighter. He defeated Jean Arquelita, Pedro Carvalho and Emmanuel Sanchez by his bracket to reach the final of the 145-pound tournament.

Pitbull has not lost his place and dominance in Featherweight in almost six years, winning the likes of Daniel Strauss and Daniel Wechsel and winning the lightweight title with a quick victory over Michael Chandler.

Mckee (17-0) Encouraged, fast and undefeated, who has set his own MMA record over Georgia Karakhanan, Derek Campos, and Darren Caldwell to his shot at the Featherweight Championship. Before the Blatter Grand Prix began in 2019, he defeated names such as Pete Curran, John Teixeira and Brian Moore.

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