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Penn State Champ Anthony Cassar: Forging His Path to MMA Greatness with Patience and Purpose

Bo Nickal isn't the only Nittany Lion with his sights set on conquering the MMA world. Meet Anthony Cassar, a former Penn State University wrestling champion who is making waves in the world of MMA. With his second professional MMA fight right around the corner, Cassar is determined to follow in the footsteps of his teammate Bo Nickal and leave his mark on the sport.

Cassar's journey towards MMA stardom began long before his wrestling accolades, including a national championship and a Big Ten Conference title. As early as his high school years, Cassar knew that he wanted to become a fighter. Inspired by the success of wrestlers transitioning into the UFC, he was drawn to the big moments, the bright lights, the entertainment factor, and, of course, the fame and fortune that MMA had to offer.

While Cassar's wrestling career started in his youth, he believes he was something of an underdog. He worked tirelessly to improve and eventually claimed the NCAA Division I championship in 2019, defeating top-ranked wrestlers along the way. His favorite memory, however, was proving the doubters wrong in a crucial dual meet against Ohio State in 2018. Cassar stepped up when it mattered most and secured a win for his team in a moment that he fondly recalls as one of the best in his career.

Cassar's transition from wrestling to MMA wasn't entirely smooth, as a severe shoulder injury led to surgery and the end of his college wrestling career. The dreams of an Olympic gold were put on hold, and Cassar was faced with a pivotal decision. After thoughtful contemplation and discussions with loved ones, he followed his heart into the world of MMA.

His journey into the MMA world has been methodical and calculated. Cassar made his professional debut in December with a first-round submission victory. Despite some difficulties in finding opponents and a shift from heavyweight to light heavyweight, Cassar remains confident in his abilities. He's been working on honing his striking, grappling, and jiu-jitsu skills to complement his wrestling background.

While his friend Bo Nickal may have experienced a rapid rise in MMA, Cassar is taking a more cerebral approach, focusing on continuous improvement and being fully prepared for every fight. He understands that success in MMA requires more than just wrestling and is dedicated to mastering the various aspects of the sport.

As Cassar progresses in his MMA journey, he's aware that God has guided him to the grandest stage of all. With a patient and purposeful approach, Anthony Cassar is determined to make his mark in the world of MMA, proving that he, too, belongs on the biggest stage.


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