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Pennington vs Silva: A Grueling Battle Leads to Glory at UFC 297

Pennington punching Silva
UFC 297: Pennington vs Silva

In a relentless and grueling affair, Raquel Pennington emerged victorious at UFC 297, claiming the vacant bantamweight title in a hard-fought five-round battle against Mayra Bueno Silva. It might not have been the prettiest performance, but as the saying goes, an ugly win is still a win.

From the opening bell, Pennington faced a formidable challenge as Bueno Silva came out strong, dragging her to the canvas in the first round and attempting to secure a submission. However, Pennington's resilience and defensive skills prevented Bueno Silva from capitalizing on her early success.

As the fight progressed, Pennington's conditioning and relentless pace became her greatest assets. She avoided Bueno Silva's clinch and takedown attempts, unleashing a series of punishing punches that visibly wore down her opponent. The judges scored the fight 49-46, 49-46, and 49-45 in favor of Pennington, crowning her the new champion in the bantamweight division.

In the post-fight interview, an elated Pennington expressed her disbelief, saying, 

“It feels surreal. It’s been a long five years getting back to this. I climbed mountains to get back here. Stay believing because that’s exactly what I did.”

The fight showcased Pennington's determination and perseverance, especially when faced with Bueno Silva's relentless attempts to secure a submission. Despite moments of adversity, Pennington stood strong, refusing to succumb to her opponent's attacks.

With this victory, Pennington sets her sights on former champion Julianna Peña, who she believes will be her next challenger. 

"I thought it was going to be Julianna next. It’s been 10 years I’ve been waiting for that fight," Pennington revealed, eager to face the next challenge in her journey as the newly crowned champion.

While the bout may not find a place in highlight reels, UFC 297: Pennington vs Silva's performance showcased the essence of a true fighter—resilient, gritty, and willing to overcome any obstacle in pursuit of championship glory.


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