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Pro MMA Fighter Dead At 30 After Surgery

Kyle "Boom" Reyes passed away after undergoing a surgery to repair his torn bicep and broken hand last Friday. The surgery seemed to go fine, he went home afterwards. He was found unresponsive the next day, admitted into ICU where it was found he had pneumonia and a collapsed lung. It seemed his condition was improving but, he passed away on Monday. Doctors don't really have the answers yet but we hope for his families sake they get some soon.

Kyle Reyes was an amazing fighter with a pro record of 15-7. He fought all around the world for different promotions. He's actually the #23 ranked pro MMA featherweight in the U.S out of 903 other active fighters. He's contested fighters that have held UFC titles. This is a guy whose in peak athletic condition. He trained at Randy Couture's gym.

We will remember him for his prowess in combat sports. Fighters from all over the world have come out to speak their peace and confusion over Kyles passing. UFC fighter Trevin Jones said - "He was good until he got surgery."

His family has a gofundme page setup here

Please share your favorite fight of Kyles, he was a submission specialist and caught fighters with the nastiest of all chokes and had some crazy knockouts too. This will definitely be a guy to be remembered, his career was cut too short. To Kyle and his family, we love y'all!


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