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Punishment announced for Gervonta Davis's hit and run car accident

For his hit-and-run incident in November 2020 in Baltimore, Gervonta Davis was sentenced on Friday to 200 hours of community service, three years of probation, and 90 days of home detention.

Dylan Segelbaum of The Baltimore Banner was the one to break the news of Davis' punishment on Friday.

In relation to four offences stemming from that collision, which happened in his hometown, Davis, 28, entered a guilty plea on February 16. One of the biggest names in boxing forfeited his right to a trial that day and entered a guilty plea to charges including abandoning the scene of an injury accident, failing to find the owner of property damage that was left unattended, driving while intoxicated, and running a red light.

Judge Melissa Phinn of the Baltimore City Circuit Court rejected a plea deal presented by a lawyer for Davis and the prosecution in September. Davis would have been sentenced to 60 days of home confinement without supervision under that plan.

Instead, Phinn ordered a trial, in part because Smith testified that she was unable to continue working or interacting with her children after the accident, despite receiving considerable physical rehabilitation. Smith further testified that before leaving the scene, Davis did not provide any help to her or any of her three passengers.

According to reports, Davis struck financial agreements with Smith's three passengers but not with Smith.

Davis also has a hearing set for May 26 at Broward County Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, regarding a misdemeanour domestic violence accusation of battery causing bodily harm, even though this matter has already been handled.

After reportedly hitting Vanessa Posso, the mother of the younger of Davis' two girls, on the right side of her skull, Davis was taken into custody on December 27 in Parkland, Florida. In that case, he entered a not guilty plea.

According to a police report of the incident, Davis struck Posso with a "closed hand type slap" and scraped the inside of her right lip.

Posso called 911, but she recanted her story soon thereafter in a statement posted from her Instagram account. She stated that Davis “did not harm me or our daughter.”

Davis spent one night in a Broward County jail before being released on $1,000 bail on December 28.

In preparation for his January 7 matchup with Hector Luis Garcia for the WBA world lightweight championship, Davis was arrested near the end of his training camp. At the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., Davis defeated Garcia via technical knockout in the ninth round just 11 days after his arrest.


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