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Rafael Espinoza Stuns Robeisy Ramirez for WBO Featherweight Title

Rafael Espinoza defied the odds to claim the WBO featherweight title, overcoming a knockdown to secure a majority decision victory against the highly favored Robeisy Ramirez.

Having dreamt of headlining in the Cuban-populated Miami area where he sought refuge after defecting in 2018, Ramirez faced the towering challenge presented by the 6'1" Espinoza. Despite his aspirations, Ramirez couldn't navigate the test posed by Espinoza's unyielding determination and height advantage.

Trainer Ismael Salas demanded a tactical adjustment from Ramirez, emphasizing lateral movement. While Ramirez adhered to the directive to some extent, he found himself consistently outworked by Espinoza, who had the added challenge of an early foot injury.

Espinoza's relentless spirit shone through, fueled by thoughts of his two-year-old daughter. The underdog remained the busier fighter, even as Ramirez focused on body work, causing concern in Ramirez's corner due to his low output.

The fight took a dramatic turn in round four when Ramirez delivered a powerful right hook, sending Espinoza to the canvas. The crowd erupted, but Espinoza displayed resilience, rising before the count, and making it to the bell.

The momentum swung in Ramirez's favor in the subsequent rounds, with an apparent knockdown ruled a push in round six. However, Espinoza's leg seemed to give way whenever Ramirez connected upstairs. Despite moments of dominance from Ramirez, Espinoza demonstrated his own resolve, staying competitive.

As the final rounds unfolded, Espinoza's determination intensified, with Ramirez on the defensive. In a surprising turn, Espinoza landed a series of power shots in the last minute of the final round, culminating in a combination that sent Ramirez to the canvas.

The judges' scorecards reflected Espinoza's remarkable effort, with scores of 115-111 and 114-112, overshadowing the questionable 113-113 card. Espinoza improved his record to a perfect 22-0, securing the WBO title in his first-ever title fight.

For Ramirez, this marked his first defeat since turning professional in August 2019, snapping a thirteen-fight win streak. Despite the setback, both fighters expressed openness to a rematch, with Espinoza graciously extending the opportunity for Ramirez to regain his title.

In defeat, Ramirez displayed humility, expressing respect for Espinoza as a true Mexican warrior. The potential for a rematch looms large, promising another chapter in this unexpected featherweight saga.


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