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Raush Manfio Leaves PFL After Suspension Scandal

Raush Manfio, the former PFL lightweight champion, has announced his departure from the PFL. He fought his last bout for the promotion in June, when he lost to his friend and teammate Natan Schulte.

Manfio vs. Schulte was a strange fight that lacked any action or aggression. The two fighters seemed reluctant to hurt each other due to their close relationship. After the fight, the PFL suspended both Manfio and Schulte from the 2023 season for inactivity during their fight. Schulte was replaced by Shane Burgos in the PFL Playoffs because of the suspension.

It is unclear if Schulte is still under contract with the PFL or if he will also explore other options. “What’s up guys! I want to share with you I’m not been part of PFL anymore, we have amazing years over there but now it’s time for something new,” Manfio posted Monday. “I’m really grateful for every friend I did over there! And now? Where you want to see me fight ??? Share here at the comments. I’m really anxious to know what’s going next!”

Manfio won the 2021 PFL lightweight championship by defeating Loik Radzhabov by unanimous decision. He also beat Clay Collard, Anthony Pettis, and Don Madge during his stint with the league.

Manfio is now a free agent and could attract interest from other major organizations. The UFC might be a potential destination for him, as he could join their stacked lightweight division.


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