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Recent Golden Gloves Champs Who Could Beat Up Jake Paul

This month is coming to a close but we got some really good fights in and the return of Golden Gloves! Covid swept it away from us and many aspiring fighters last year so the energy of Golden Gloves 2021 really hits hard. While fighters like Jake Paul are the leading stories the past few months, let's not overlook the people grinding their way up the ladder the traditional way.

The 125 pound national champ hails from Fort Worth. German Lopez is only 19 years old and overcame a Covid infection and a 70 MPH car accident to pursue his love of boxing this year. He plans to go pro and considering everything this dude has done to pursue his love of boxing, we just might be seeing him winnings Olympic medals and claiming world titles one day.

J'khory Gibson out of Texas won the 201 pound heavyweight national golden gloves title. He's got an amateur boxing record of 6-1 with all the skills to start eyeing a professional boxing bout. 6 of his last 7 fights have been this year alone. Maybe he could take note of Jake Paul and start calling out pro MMA fighters to come test his hands.

Then there's Skylar Lacy out of Indiana. The dude is an absolute monster of a super heavyweight and has an amateur boxing record all from this year at 9-1. He actually started fighting in march per that record. Looks like he's won Indiana state Golden Gloves titles since back in 2018 that aren't included in his current listed amateur record. I think this guy could take Jake Paul.

There were a bunch of other Golden Gloves Champions this year that we think you should hear about! You'll hear their names soon on more articles from us and as they get those Olympic medals and world titles! Follow us at Fight.TV


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