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Regis Prograis Eagerly Eyes Subriel Matias After Dominant Performance

Regis Prograis momentarily shifted his focus this weekend as he closely observed the electrifying ring performance of Subriel Matias.

Matias, who doesn't seek camaraderie in the squared circle, caught the attention of the WBC champ with his unrelenting style and a penchant for testing his opponents' endurance.

Shohjahon Ergashev, the muscular challenger with aspirations of dethroning Matias, promised a swift victory. As the two fighters clashed in the ring, Prograis, usually fixated on his own division's happenings, moved closer to his television set.

The initial rounds saw Ergashev dominate, a predictable outcome given Matias' tendency to bide his time on the ropes. However, the third round marked a turning point as Matias seized control, turning the subsequent rounds into a display of precision and power.

Matias effortlessly landed powerful left hands and targeted Ergashev's ribs at will. The relentless assault left the 31-year-old gasping for air and ultimately led to the fight being called off.

While Prograis remains intensely focused on his upcoming showdown with Haney, the dominant performance by Matias prompted him to take to social media. In a bold move, the 34-year-old wasted no time in challenging Matias to a mega clash, indicating that his obsession with opponents extends beyond the flamboyant Haney.

As fight fans eagerly anticipate Prograis' next move, it's clear that the boxer's keen eye for talent and his desire for challenging matchups make him a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.


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