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Ricky Hatton left frustrated by the lack of action in the Heavyweight Division

RICKY HATTON has unleashed a blistering attack on the heavyweight boxing scene in response to the latest developments between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

After failing to reach an agreement to fight one other earlier this year, neither Fury nor Joshua currently have fights scheduled. The two British boxers had engaged in negotiations that were broadcast live on social media, including videos provided by Tyson Fury.

However, none of the ideas made by the Gipsy King were accepted by the two. They have both been sidelined as a result of what seems to be a slowdown in the heavyweight class.

Hatton, a former two-weight world champion, has grown frustrated with the heavyweights.

"The heavyweight scene is a little bit upsetting, isn't it?
"I'm not pointing any fingers at promoters or TV or even fighters, but it's a little bit like a circus at the minute, you don't know who to believe or what to believe.
"I originally saw that Dillian Whyte vs Anthony Joshua was going to be made in August and then Dillian Whyte said he hasn't even had an offer and then Eddie Hearn said he had made an offer and then they were arguing over how much the offer was and I was thinking to myself 'what do you believe?'."
"Negotiating is part of the business. I've been there and you want the best deal, but sometimes they're going to cut the nose off to spite the face.
"You see YouTubers, rappers and Mixed Martial Artists fighting each other and they're the ones pulling in the crowds while our sport is suffering and it's because big fights aren't being made."


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