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Ronda Rousey's Career 'Destroyed' by Coaches, Claims MMA Trainer

As Ronda Rousey reflects on her UFC career during a recent media tour, conversations have centered around the factors that led to her downfall in the sport. While Rousey has been candid about her struggles with concussions, other aspects, such as her media commitments and coaching, have also come under scrutiny.

Ronda Rousey

One major point of discussion has been the role of Rousey's coaches, particularly in her losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. Critics argue that her corner failed to prioritize her well-being and may have contributed to her overconfidence in striking. Many believe there was a lack of leadership and course correction within her coaching team.

Louis Taylor, a respected coach and mentor to welterweight contender Belal Muhammad, shed light on the coach-fighter dynamic during a recent appearance on the Money Loyalty Legacy podcast. Taylor emphasized the importance of balancing friendship with coaching, a balance he believes he achieves effectively with his fighters.

While Rousey's UFC career is now behind her, the discussions surrounding her coaching and the lessons learned from her experiences continue to be relevant topics within the MMA community.

In a statement on the Money Loyalty Legacy podcast, Taylor expressed his views on Rousey's coaching situation, saying,

"Her coaching is, I would still slap her entire coaching staff like bro, they had a Lamborghini and just wrecked it. But, you know again, if your coaches, and Belal will tell you too, I'm a good friend cuz I'm the one that's going to tell you you're f****** up, you know what I'm saying."
He continued, "There's not a fight, whether we win or lose, that I'm just like, you did great. No because I'm there to look for the mistakes, I'm there to look for what the next coach is looking for."

Taylor's coaching philosophy revolves around honesty and constructive criticism, believing that it's crucial to address mistakes and continuously strive for improvement, regardless of the outcome of a fight.


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