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Roy Jones Jr. and Tommy Fury could fight in 2024

It is possible that Roy Jones Jr. and Tommy Fury will face each other in a boxing match in 2024. They were both present in Saudi Arabia last month to watch Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou. They had a short conversation on video where they teased a fight. Roy Jones Jr. lost by decision to Anthony Pettis in April, while Tommy Fury beat KSI in October.

“That is true, we talked in Saudi Arabia because John Fury was with Tyson,” Roy Jones Jr. said when asked about a boxing match with Tommy Fury.
It would be interesting to fight someone from the social media era like Tommy Fury. I may not be the same as I was, but fighting someone from the YouTube era is a different challenge and can attract the audience. I think it is a good idea.” (h/t DAZN)
“The fight would have to take place early next year. He is a real fighter, he is not a bad fighter at all and he comes from a fighting family. Sometimes he does not take fighters as seriously as he should. It is like Tyson, he did not take Francis Ngannou as seriously as he should but when he fights someone like Oleksandr Usyk it will be different.”


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