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Ryan Garcia alleges that a "mole" in the training camp gave Gervonta Davis crucial information.

In the most anticipated fight of the year on Saturday night, Gervonta Davis made a statement by stopping Ryan Garcia in the seventh round with a powerful blow to the body

In front of a packed house at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the 28-year-old three-division champion knocked down Garcia out in the second round and then finished him out with a pinpoint hook to the ribs in the seventh.

Periodic eruptions of temper during the build-up to the fight heightened the tension of the high-profile match. It's possible that Ryan Garcia was alluding to the effect of the rehydration clause in their fight when he said that he felt "weak" versus Gervonta Davis during the fight.

'King Ryan' recently claimed on social media that a spy in his training programme may have given Gervonta Davis access to crucial information. The fighter who hurt Garcia during their practise match was identified as Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, a former Olympian and unbeaten professional boxer.

It is said that the Davis camp was informed of the injury. Additionally, Erdenebat posted a video to Twitter in which he claimed to have hurt Garcia while training.

Ryan Garcia expressed his relief that the information has been made known to the public:

"Actually sad I had a mole in my training camp. Like wtf.... That's crazy. Thank God it's brought to light now."

According to Garcia, this new information is in no way an explanation for their recent loss to Davis:

"Also didn't mean that to come off as an excuse or anything. I lost period. I'll come back but I'm just shocked that part of my team crossed me.... someone close to me. Unbelievable! But it's a testimony that you must be aware of everyone."


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