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Ryan Garcia Announces Retirement Amidst Doping Allegations!

Ryan Garcia took to social media on Wednesday night to announce his retirement from the sport. This news comes amidst reports of a potential suspension for Garcia due to failed drug tests surrounding his April 20th victory over Devin Haney.

Ryan Garcia

The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has indicated that Garcia's win could be overturned to either a no contest or a disqualification victory for Haney. This would be a significant development in the fight against performance-enhancing drugs in boxing.

Garcia's social media posts leading up to his retirement announcement painted a picture of a troubled athlete. He cited personal struggles, including his mother's illness, a potential lawsuit, and the ongoing battle with Haney, as reasons for his decision.

"Boxing will be alright without me... But sucks I was fun in the game... And it was fun to punch people" ... "I MAY RETIRE IM DONE WITH THIS GAME" ... "Forget I existed everyone" ... "I'm outty" 

"Y'all may catch me out and about but as far as boxing I don't know... There is so much corruption I'm over it... I may do acting or singing... I'll still be training but I'm hurt and I'm done with it and everyone... The sad part is I'm a great boxer... And I entertain and knock people out... I'm sad bc I love boxing... Praying for everyone and I hope everyone has a great life"

"I'm officially retired."

Devin Haney's father and trainer, Bill Haney, reacted swiftly to Garcia's retirement, accusing him of avoiding potential consequences.

"Everybody's been protecting him," Haney said. "In 48 hours your boy, Ryan Garcia, will be suspended..."

The news of Garcia's retirement further complicates the upcoming WBC junior-welterweight title defense. With Top Rank's underwhelming bid for Haney's fight against Sandor Martin, a potential matchup between Haney and WBO titlist Teofimo Lopez is now being explored.


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