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Ryan Garcia bets his entire purse for the fight against Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia claims he'll stake his entire purse on his fight against favorite Gervonta 'Tank' Davis this Saturday, April 22nd, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Although Ryan stated that he is ready to have contracts set up to gamble his money, there is no way that he and Gervonta (28-0, 26 KOs) will be willing to wager on the outcome of their twelve-round Showtime PPV main event.

With the amount of strength, these two have, the fight might be decided by who lands the first clean headshot.

Tank is known for knocking out opponents with single shots, but so is Ryan. Given how much money these two will make, they will not want to risk it on a gamble.

Here is the full conversation:

Ryan Garcia: Look at all you guys. I’m all by myself. I just did the work. You guys are playing games. I put the work in already today,” said Ryan on Instagram live. “You ain’t even ready for me. You can’t even talk. You on pause right now. Shut up. I’m going to work you. What do you want to bet”
Gervonta Davis: “The whole thing.”
Ryan: “Yeah, I’m down.”
Gervonta: “The whole purse.”
Ryan: “The whole purse.”
Gervonta: “That’s a bet.”


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