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Savannah Marshall's MMA Journey: From Boxing Champion to Cage Warrior

Savannah Marshall's MMA Journey
Savannah Marshall

Savannah Marshall, a boxing champion with a stellar record, is venturing into new territory as she prepares for her professional MMA debut. The spotlight is on her as she steps into the cage, not just to conquer her immediate opponent but with an eye on a potential rematch that could rewrite history.

Marshall's transition to MMA has been a rigorous process, marked by intense training and a steep learning curve. Speaking about her journey, Marshall shares, 

"Training has been hard – real hard. It’s been a massive change, but one I’ve really enjoyed."

Her pro debut is set against Mirela Vargas, a seasoned fighter with a solid record. The event, PFL Europe 2, is scheduled to take place in Marshall's home turf of Newcastle, England, adding an extra layer of anticipation and support from her fans.

Reflecting on her decision to enter MMA, Marshall reveals, 

"I thought about MMA more than a decade ago, but at the time decided it wasn’t what my journey should be."

However, the year 2024 presents a new opportunity, aligning Marshall with the PFL where Claressa Shields, the only woman to defeat her in boxing, also competes. Marshall's eyes are set on a potential rematch with Shields, but she remains focused on the task at hand. 

"All I can take from Claressa’s fight is that I can point out what she struggled with," Marshall remarks, showing her strategic mindset and determination to learn and adapt.

As Marshall gears up for her debut, she acknowledges the shift in her goals.

 "All I wanted to be was undisputed and have all the belts, and that’s what I’ve done," she says, referring to her boxing achievements. "This is a new journey for me. This is a new checklist. This is a new set of goals."

The MMA world awaits Savannah Marshall's debut with bated breath, curious to see how this champion boxer translates her skills and determination into the cage. Will her journey lead to a rematch with Shields, or will new challenges and triumphs await her in the world of mixed martial arts?


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