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Sean O'Malley Eyes Boxing Ventures: MMA vs. Boxing Crossover Trend on the Rise

As the world of combat sports edges closer to 2024, a new trend is emerging that could redefine the boundaries of professional fighting. MMA vs. boxing crossover contests, which took center stage with Francis Ngannou's recent foray into the boxing ring, seem to be gaining momentum, and UFC star Sean O'Malley is not one to be left behind.

Francis Ngannou's boxing debut in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, sent shockwaves through the combat sports world. The former UFC heavyweight champion squared off against one of the greatest boxers in the division's history and exceeded all expectations, losing in a hard-fought split decision after ten rounds of action. Ngannou's courage in crossing over from MMA to boxing was nothing short of inspirational.

But Ngannou wasn't the first to venture into this exciting crossover. Names like Nate Diaz and Anderson Silva had already started blurring the lines between the octagon and the ring, piquing the interest of fans and fighters alike. And now, Sean O'Malley, who clinched the UFC bantamweight championship in August with a spectacular second-round TKO of Aljamain Sterling, has revealed his aspirations of stepping into the squared circle.

O'Malley expressed a keen desire to challenge boxing sensation Gervonta Davis, and the two fighters engaged in some spirited back-and-forth banter. However, Devin Haney, another prominent 135-pound boxer, cautioned O'Malley against taking on the challenge, emphasizing the difficulty of such a transition.

In a recent episode of his "TimboSugarShow" podcast, O'Malley responded to Haney's concerns, saying,

"I didn't even really know who he [Devin Haney] was until more recently. I talked to UFC about potential boxing fights someday."

While O'Malley's intent to explore boxing may be clear, it appears the opponent may not be the undefeated Devin Haney, as discussions with the UFC suggest. O'Malley shared insights into the conversation, explaining,

"They [UFC] said, 'No one knows Devin Haney. There's a zero percent chance that ever happens.' He's just not a star, and no one knows him."

As we approach 2024, it seems that the MMA vs. boxing crossover trend is here to stay. With stars like O'Malley expressing their interest, the combat sports landscape may be on the verge of a significant transformation, blurring the lines between two distinct worlds. Whether O'Malley will leap remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – the excitement surrounding these potential matchups is undeniable.


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