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Sean Strickland Fires Back at Jon Anik Over MMA Fans

UFC commentator Jon Anik's recent remarks about growing tired of the negativity in the MMA community have sparked a reaction from former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland. Anik, who expressed frustration with the criticism and disrespect from some MMA fans, hinted at a possible career change due to the toxic atmosphere.

Sean Strickland

In response to Anik's comments, Strickland took to social media to offer his perspective. He criticized Anik for referring to MMA fans as the "lowest common denominator" and suggested that Anik might be better suited for a career in the NFL if he finds the MMA fan base challenging to deal with.

Strickland also addressed the controversy surrounding his recent fight with Dricus Du Plessis, claiming that he was the victim of a robbery in their previous bout. He expressed his desire for a rematch with Du Plessis and voiced his discontent with the outcome of their fight, which took place earlier this month in Toronto.

While Anik's remarks have garnered support from some fans and fighters, Strickland's response reflects a different perspective on the issue.


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