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Shakur Stevenson thinks he should fight Lomachenko next for the undisputed titles

Shakur Stevenson is certain who truly deserves to be referred to as the lightweight division's unquestioned champion.

At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on last Saturday night, Devin Haney defeated Ukraine's Vasiliy Lomachenko by unanimous decision to retain his four 135-pound belts.

Haney, 24, held off a second-half charge from Lomachenko, 35, to maintain his unblemished record of 30 victories (15 via knockout). There was a mixed response from the public, with some onlookers and supporters claiming that Lomachenko deserved to have his hands raised.

That seems to be Stevenson's viewpoint as well.

The skilled southpaw from Newark, New Jersey, entered the ring right after the contest and told ESPN's Bernardo Osuna that he thought Lomachenko "won that fight." Stevenson had anticipated that Haney would essentially dominate Lomachenko before the fight on Saturday.

“Lomachenko should be undisputed champion here, he won,” Stevenson said. “He won that fight. He landed the cleaner punches. He landed the cleaner shots on Dev, and he pushed the pace.”

A future fight between Haney or Lomachenko and Stevenson, a two-division champion who made his lightweight debut earlier this year, may be a foregone conclusion. Given that all three competitors have Top Rank as their promoter, the scenario is plausible. Haney, though, has made it known that he wants to compete at 140 as soon as possible.

He intimated as much on his social media, saying that a fight with Lomachenko, rather than Haney, should be for “all the belts.”

“I would love that fight (with Lomachenko) too[. H]onestly feel it should be me vs him for undisputed,” Stevenson wrote on his Twitter account.

Stevenson then followed up with another tweet: “If Dev don’t stay at 35 and fight me I would love that fight (with Lomachenko) to show y’all I’m the truth.”


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