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Shakur Stevenson wants to establish himself by beating the likes of Devin Haney

Shakur Stevenson, a top lightweight who has never lost, is considering his possibilities at 135 pounds, but he has Devin Haney as his ultimate opponent in mind.

Last Saturday night in Las Vegas, Stevenson watched as Haney defeated three division champion Vasiliy Lomachenko in a close twelve-round unanimous decision.

Meanwhile, Stevenson considers a matchup with Gervonta "Tank" Davis to be the biggest bout at his weight class.

"I think both [Davis and Haney] fights is great fights for me," Stevenson said to TMZ. "Obviously, I think me and Tank is a bigger fight, but me and Dev is a fight where I could establish who I am as a fighter."

Stevenson approached the ring and briefly conversed with the uncontested champion after Haney successfully defended his titles against Lomachenko.

Haney is the preferred opponent for Stevenson (20-0, 10 KOs), but there is no assurance that he will remain at 135 pounds. The junior welterweight limit of 140 may be targeted by him in near future.

"If [Devin] can't make the weight and he don't feel the same, then just go up, but if it was me, if I was in his shoes, I would have the [Loma] rematch. I would have to show the world that that dude can't f---- with me. That's how I would do it," Stevenson said.

"It's definitely some great fights to make. If [Devin] stays, I think me and Dev should fight next. If he doesn't stay and he decides to go to 140, I think me and Lomachenko should bang it out. I think that's the big fight and the world get to see who I truly am, how special I am.

"I feel like Lomachenko just showed the world that he's not washed. He's not washed up. Now that we know that, I think it's only right, throw me in there with him, and let's see if I'm the truth. I'll keep saying I'm the truth."


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