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Silva Gifts First Class Seat to Ortiz's Girlfriend

Anderson "the spider" Silva knocked out Tito "the Huntington Beach badboy" Ortiz at the Triller fight last week via a quick 1st round TKO. It so happened that on the flight out, Ortiz's girlfriend was improperly seated in a different section of the flight. Anderson Silva with full class, gave his seat in 1st class section to Amber Miller so her and Tito could sit together.

"The biggest thing I think Anderson Silva's ever done to me. I'm very thankful. He just actually gave up his first-class ticket for Amber to sit here. The flights messed up - or the airline, Jet Blue, messed up, but Anderson Silva gave his seat up for Amber to sit next to me. Anderson Silva, you're the man, dude. I appreciate it. Thank you very much." - Tito Ortiz

It's really cool we get to see the legends who built MMA - fight and see they have a mutual respect for eachother . I'm not sure we'd see this type of behavior out of many popular fighters we see today in the sports spotlight.

Silva (34-11-0) and Ortiz (21-12-1) were truly some of the first big names in MMA after Randy Couture, the Shamrock Brothers, and the Gracies. Silva is still ranked as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Triller set up an amazing card with this one!

Fight.TV wants to know, who should they put on their next card?


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