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Steve Erceg Shocks with Devastating KO at UFC Fight Night 238, Sets Sights on Brandon Moreno Showdown

Erceg and Schnell during fight at UFC fight night 238
Steve Erceg vs Matt Schnell

In the electrifying realm of UFC Fight Night 238, Steve Erceg emerged as the undeniable powerhouse of the night, showcasing his knockout prowess spectacularly.

With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Erceg (12-1) delivered a thunderous left hook, rendering his opponent, Matt Schnell (16-8), unconscious in a breathtaking display of skill. The decisive blow came just 26 seconds into the second round, sending shockwaves through the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

For Erceg, this victory marked a significant milestone, as it was his first finish within the UFC octagon following two consecutive unanimous decision wins. The triumph not only solidified his status as a rising star but also served as a testament to his undeniable knockout power.

But Erceg's ambitions extend far beyond his remarkable performance in the cage. In a bold move, the 27-year-old wasted no time in seizing the spotlight, calling out former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno for his next challenge. Moreno, fresh off a tough loss to Brandon Royval, now finds himself squarely in Erceg's sights as the young fighter sets his sights on the top of the division.

With an impressive winning streak of 11 victories, Erceg has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Since his UFC debut in June 2023, where he secured a victory over David Dvorak, Erceg has continued to dominate his opponents, culminating in his latest triumph over Schnell.

As Erceg looks ahead to the future, the prospect of a showdown with Moreno looms large, promising fans another exhilarating clash in the world of UFC flyweight competition.


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