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The Puzzle of UFC 300: Khabib Nurmagomedov's Take on the Gaethje vs. Holloway Showdown

Khabib furious over UFC 300 match making
Khabib Nurmagomedov

In the chaotic realm of UFC matchmaking, surprises are often the norm. Yet, when it comes to the upcoming clash between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway at UFC 300, even the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov finds himself scratching his head in confusion.

Scheduled for April in Las Vegas, this battle promises fireworks, yet it has thrown a wrench into the meticulously laid plans for the lightweight division. Gaethje, initially pegged as the next contender for Islam Makhachev's title, now finds himself engaged in a showdown that "makes no sense" to Nurmagomedov.

Expressing his bewilderment to MMA Junkie, Nurmagomedov voiced his concerns, questioning the rationale behind this unexpected matchup. According to him, Holloway should have been slated to face Ilia Topuria, while Gaethje ought to have squared off against Makhachev, setting the stage for a climactic championship bout later in the year.

Nurmagomedov's sentiments echo those of many fans who are left pondering the fate of Makhachev amidst the chaos. The recent developments, including Topuria's claim to the featherweight throne, only add to the uncertainty swirling around the division.

Yet, amidst the confusion, Nurmagomedov remains steadfast in his belief in Makhachev's abilities. He sees potential matchups for Topuria, including the formidable Movsar Evloev, should Holloway falter in his quest.

Nevertheless, despite the perplexity surrounding UFC's decisions, Nurmagomedov emphasizes Makhachev's readiness to face any challenge thrown his way.

As the MMA world eagerly awaits the unfolding drama of UFC 300, one thing remains clear: Nurmagomedov's trust in his protege, Makhachev, stands unwavering, regardless of the perplexing twists and turns of UFC matchmaking.


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