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ONE 166: Shocking Disqualifications and Stunning Victories Shake the MMA World

Arjan Bhullar disqualified
Arjan Bhullar, Herb Dean

In a night filled with high stakes and intense showdowns, ONE Championship 166 delivered both exhilarating triumphs and frustrating disqualifications that left fans on the edge of their seats. Among the most talked-about moments was Arjan Bhullar's unexpected disqualification for timidity, alongside Jarred Brooks' heartbreaking loss of his belt due to an illegal hit.

The anticipation was palpable as Bhullar, a former UFC fighter and ONE heavyweight champion, stepped into the cage to face off against knockout sensation Amir Aliakbari. However, what transpired in the opening round left spectators bewildered, with neither fighter displaying the aggression expected in such a high-profile bout.

Despite warnings from referee Herb Dean, Bhullar failed to muster significant offense, prompting frustration from both Dean and the audience. As the bout progressed, Bhullar's reluctance to engage became increasingly apparent, culminating in a red card and a disqualification victory for Aliakbari, marking a disappointing turn of events for the former champion.

Meanwhile, in a strawweight championship clash between Jarred Brooks and Joshua Pacio, the excitement quickly turned to dismay as Brooks' attempt at a slam resulted in an illegal maneuver, leading to his disqualification and Pacio's coronation as the new champion in under a minute of action.

Despite these setbacks, the night also witnessed moments of sheer brilliance, such as Tang Kai's electrifying knockout victory in the featherweight championship unification bout against Thanh Le. Kai's spectacular finish not only secured him the coveted title but also earned him a well-deserved $50,000 performance bonus, solidifying his status as a rising star in the MMA scene.

As the dust settles on ONE 166, the MMA world is left reeling from the mix of triumphs and controversies that unfolded in Qatar. With the promise of redemption and future battles on the horizon, fans can only wait in eager anticipation for the next chapter in this exhilarating journey.


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