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Keito Yamakita's Cage-Walking Submission Sets the Tone for ONE Championship 166

Keito Yamakita submission moment
Keito Yamakita

In a jaw-dropping display of grappling mastery, Keito Yamakita left spectators in awe with a quote-worthy submission victory over Jeremy Miado at ONE Championship 166 in Qatar. The Japanese phenom wasted no time in asserting his dominance, delivering a performance that set the tone for the evening's electrifying bouts.

As the opening bell rang in Lusail, Yamakita wasted no time in showcasing his ground game prowess against Filipino striker Jeremy Miado. With lightning-fast precision, Yamakita swiftly brought the action to the canvas, immediately setting his sights on securing a submission.

In a move that left fans gasping in disbelief, Yamakita seamlessly transitioned from a rear-naked choke attempt to a devastating bulldog choke, applying relentless pressure on Miado. Utilizing the cage to his advantage, Yamakita tightened his grip, leaving Miado with no choice but to tap out in just over four minutes of the opening round.

For Yamakita, the victory marks a triumphant rebound from a recent setback, cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. With a record of 9-1, including an impressive 2-1 record under the ONE banner, Yamakita's star continues to rise, showcasing his unwavering determination and skill inside the cage.

Meanwhile, Miado finds himself grappling with a string of losses under the ONE banner, with his record now standing at 10-7. Despite the setback, Miado's resilience and fighting spirit remain unwavering as he looks ahead to future opportunities for redemption.

As the dust settles on ONE Championship 166, Yamakita's breathtaking victory serves as a reminder of the thrilling action and unparalleled talent that the promotion brings to fans worldwide.


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