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The Fights That Got Us Hooked On MMA

Fight.TV wants to know what was the fight that got you hooked on MMA? Please share and comment wherever you see this, including what your top MMA fight of all time is!

We scouted the MMA sub-reddit R/MMA and found a lot of really great calls here.

"New Zealander here. My old boss was a big fan and brought out the TV so we could watch Izzy vs Costa at work on PPV one afternoon. Been hooked ever since."

"What was your 1st fight again?? VHS was how we made sure to catch each episode of the original Ultimate Fighter reality TV show...I've read and heard in interviews THAT is what saved UFC from actually going out of business and I don't know how old you are but that Forrest Griffin vs Stephen Bonner fight was on regular TV... part way into the 1st round people were calling all over telling three friends "QUICK, put in this channel!!!" I'm not sure HOW but it seems the total viewership by the end of round 3 was wayyyyyy more then when that fight started... ONLY time I have EVER seen 2 people pound each other START TO FINISH almost NON stop... maybe a Rocky movie lol 😆"

"mcgregor vs nate 2. Never seen a man punch so accurate and hard. Never seen a man taking such punches and still going hard. Fan of both now."

"I been watching since Rampage vs Chuck, but I was kinda losing interest around that time because all my favorites were retiring, and I hated Conor. But man, I must have watched that fight around 20 times since it was just insane like it had the slow burn of a boxing match almost. Got me back into being excited about fighting I remember talking about how great the trilogy will be and we all know how that’s turned out, at least so far."

"Anderson Silva v. Forrest Griffin I loved the quotes from Forrest in interviews a fair while after the event: Interviewer: Let's look back at your last fight against Silva at UFC 101. Ultimately, what do you think went wrong out there? Forrest: "I don't know. I'm going to guess everything. You know where I made my biggest mistake was saying I would fight that guy. That's definitely the first mistake I made and the biggest. Because that sh*t was a year ago and literally every day people ask me something about that - What happened? What happened?" "[Anderson punched me in the chin] Repeatedly and I was very confused. I tried to punch him and he literally moved his head out of the way and looked at me like I was stupid for doing it. He looked at me like - "Why would you do such a stupid thing?" He looked at me like - "Oh, did you really think you were going to hit me? What a stupid thing to think, you slow slow white boy." Then he punched me. I felt embarrassed for even trying to punch him. I felt like some kid trying to wrestle his dad."


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