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The Future Of Combat Sports

Combat sports is a pretty diverse genre that has changed dramatically over the years, it used to be very segmented and traditional to a societies own culture. Now in the age of information and fast travel, MMA combines it all. The game never stops changing either, every training camp for pro fighters is out there trying to find a new edge, changing up certain semantics in their grappling flow or striking game.

You can't tell the future but you can infer a lot from the past. Padding and protection has consistently improved in the last 100 years. In another 100 years we may be competing in exosuits that absorb and measure all forces then turns off when someone gets hit on the jaw or temple with a 1,200 pound strike.

Probably not anytime soon, and if you asked any MMA fighter to start wearing suits that don't actually knock them out but power down they might just kick your ass. You've got fighters out there snapping limbs, winning through giant hematomas, getting knocked out and then back up again to win the fight. There's too many variables and combat sports just isn't really the place athletes want to wear protective clothing like bulky gloves, helmets, rib pads, etc.

We're always going to want the modern day gladiator style brutality that comes with full speed contact no holds bars action. The rules will continue to change here and there, different promotions allow different strikes or submissions. We still stream Bare Knuckle Boxing from around the world and real Muay Thai fights. So until the big lawmakers come in and start making fighters wear bubble boy suits, you better watch some real fights with Fight.TV!!!


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