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The Magnificence Of Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis (25-7-0) has already gone down as one of the most interesting fighters to watch of all time in MMA. Derrick is essentially the kid who never studied, never did his homework, and calculated the minimal amount of effort he needed to pass. He would score better on tests than everyone who tried hard, but you still couldn't cheat off his paper because he only passed the tests he had to.

It's great watching Derrick Lewis fight. He'll be on the ground, won't scoot to the cage or be technical. He will just decide - "Yeah, I wanna bring the fight back up." To then just stand right up and start swinging again. He's fought people who are far more technical and follow strict diets and travel the globe to train with the best. He knocks them out and then gives the hands down best post fight interviews ever.

I think Derrick Lewis is Joe Rogan's favorite fighter to interview post fight. You never know what the hell Derick Lewis is going to say.

- "I just gotta go number two that's all. It's not really hurt from the kick, I just gotta go booboo."

- "I just eased out a little fart. tried to clear my stomach out a little bit. Once it did it was good. The second round it came back again, just started bubbling. I was like - I've got to end this fight."

- "It was more my trying not to Sh*t on myself." when asked how he got the knockout.

Derrick Lewis is probably my favorite fighter. Imagine getting knocked out and the guy acting like it was only because he had to take a dump.


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