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Tokyo Olympian Harry Garside wins second professional fight on points over Maneur Matet

Olympic bronze medalist Harry Garside has clarified his professional credentials by winning 10 rounds on the Manuer Matet to win the Australian lightweight title in his second professional fight. Australia beat Dangerous Manuer Matet in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Garside (2-0), just in his second professional bout, was Matet (4-2) in the Australian lightweight title bid. Garside showed off his best boxing talent with a superb display of skill, which clearly caught the eye of the Ringside judges, who won the fight 98-2, 99-91, a serious risk against the dangerous M

Garside was clearly a better fighter than the first round of early conversions, landing cleanly on both head and body throughout the fight, matching innocent timing with some solid defensive tactics thanks to his ballistic footwork.

Garside's mobility was high, his impeccable amateur lineage throughout the show as he slipped in and out of the range, voluntarily taking crisp shots as he danced around every inch of color.

Matet took advantage of the four-centimeter access to the Garside, but his rapid wild swinging efforts only highlighted the accuracy of the Garside work.

His accuracy and speed were impressive, but it was his sense of humor that helped Matt to be completely outclassed.

Both men demonstrated impeccable conditioning, especially not sitting in the middle of the garrison round.

In the final moments of the third round, Garside began to hit the entire matet, causing him to lose his mouth guard, while he was tired of chasing Garside in full color in the fourth round.

"How much more can Matet take?" Michael asked.

"He has no answer for it (Garside). He's inside, he's outside, he's on one side. Harry is boxing his ears."

Garside's general control continued into later rounds until Matet returned fire and tried to be more aggressive, as the tired underdog fought a vicious commotion late in the ninth round, leaving Garside on his own. Seeing them coming back to the corner.

Born in Frontier Street, Garside's first pro win came last December through a first-round TKO against Sachin Madliar.


Harry Garside def Manuer Matet via unanimous decision [98-92 x2, 99-91] (Vacant Australian lightweight title, 10x3min rounds)

Paulo Aokuso def Michael Van Nimwegen via corner retirement, 2:10 into Round 5 (Vacant ANBF Australasian Light Heavyweight title, 8x3min rounds)

Shanell Dargan went to a majority draw with Ashleigh Sims [39-37 Dargan, 38-38 x2] (Super featherweight, 4x2min rounds)

Hassan Hamdan def Ryan Cotten via unanimous decision [50-45 x3] (Welterweight, 5x3 min rounds)

Alex Lual def Aaron Kay via KO, 2:13 into Round 2 (Super lightweight, 5x3min rounds)

Blake Wells def Renold Quinlan via unanimous decision [55-58, 56-57, 55-59] (Catchweight, 6x3min rounds)

Tyler Blizzard def Daniel Harwood via unanimous decision [36-38 x2, 37-38] (Super bantamweight, 4x3min rounds)


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