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Tommy Fury: "Ripped and Ready" to Knock Out Jake Paul in Upcoming Bout

Tommy Fury, the 23-year-old British professional boxer, is ready to take on Jake Paul in the highly anticipated match on February 26. Fury, who was previously unable to face Paul due to injury and visa issues, is confident that he is in the best shape of his career and ready to knock out his rival. He believes that his preparation, which included focusing on training instead of attending press conferences, has been the best of his career.

Paul, on the other hand, criticized Fury for not showing up to the press conference in Saudi Arabia and called him “unprofessional” and a “flake”. Fury, however, explained that professional boxers do not break training camp mid-way to attend press conferences, especially when the fight is only two weeks away. He is more interested in completing his training and getting in the best shape possible to beat Paul.

Fury is not concerned with Paul's insults and is quick to point out that his focus is on training and preparing for the match, rather than on press conferences and other promotional events. He is determined to KO Paul and get him out of the sport.

In conclusion, Fury is confident, focused, and ready to take on Paul in the much-anticipated fight on February 26. He is determined to prove that he is the professional athlete in the match and will leave no stone unturned in his preparation to beat Paul.


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