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Tony Ferguson renews interest in training Jake Paul

Jake Paul will compete in MMA after formally joining the PFL, but before he enters the ring, he'll need to improve his all-around skills despite having a strong high school wrestling history and being skilled in knocking out opponents during his boxing career.

That's where Tony Ferguson steps in, having put his name forward to train the controversial figure, saying "Let me know when you need a good MMA coach - you can be one of my students"

But it appears the youtuber turned boxer, turned mixed martial artist, has yet to get back to Tony, prompting him to tweet at him once again.

Unaware to most, Jake Paul has previously competed in MMA before in an unsanctioned bout, of which he was defeated via submission to lightweight AJ Agazarm, in the second of three scheduled rounds.

Neither fighter took the bout seriously, so it can not be a good way to gage Paul's skill in MMA, but he did show signs of skill in defending a few takedowns from the jiu-jitsu black belt fighter.

Is it a good idea for Jake Paul and Tony Ferguson to team up ahead of Paul's MMA debut? I think so.

Jake is in need of a experienced coach to come in and teach him the fundamentals, but the deal could make more sense than we first realized, as it could work in setting the groundwork for a big fight down the line.

Both men share one rival, Conor McGregor, who Jake has called out on multiple occasions.

Whether these two team up, remains to be seen, Jake Paul's current focus being his reportedly signed boxing bout with another one of his rivals, Tommy Fury.


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