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Tyson Fury does not want to entertain the idea of a rematch clause against Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk have been in discussions about fighting for the heavyweight title in April; Fury advises Usyk to drop any thoughts of a rematch clause.

The World Boxing Association announced on Friday night that a fight between the unbeaten duo, who currently share the four titles in the heavyweight category, had been "agreed" to.

WBC champion Fury addressed WBA, WBO and IBF champion Usyk in a video posted on Twitter, saying: "I've been speaking to the lawyers and Usyk's people have been talking about rematch clauses.

"Here's one to up the ante - how about there is no rematch clause for both of us? Let's up the ante completely.

"Never worry about what's in the future or how many more dollars you can get after you've been defeated. Worry about the fight. "No rematch clause. Winner takes the glory, the loser goes home. How about that? Agree to that."

Usyk responded by releasing a video of his own, in which he said: "Greedy Belly [Fury]. Very much, the clause comes from your side, not mine. Stop whining and ducking.

"Be a man. Ink the contract or vacate the belt. I need undisputed - and not to play your stupid games."

Well, this could be another stumbling block in the making of this blockbuster fight. Will the fans ever get to witness the super fight between Usyk and Fury?


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