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Tyson Fury's BOMBSHELL Announcement: 'I'm Staying Put!

Tyson Fury, despite rumors of retirement, is still looking ahead to potential boxing matches with Oleksandr Usyk, Francis Ngannou, and Anthony Joshua. The 'Gypsy King' recently withdrew from his scheduled February 17th bout with 'The Cat' due to a severe cut sustained in sparring.

Tyson Fury

The fight was poised to crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis accomplished the feat two decades ago. However, fans will have to wait as the bout has been postponed. Fury is now set to face Oleksandr Usyk on May 18th in Saudi Arabia, with both boxers facing a $10 million fine if they withdraw.

Despite speculation that the bout with Usyk could be his last, given his previous retirements, Fury appears to have no plans to retire anytime soon. In an Instagram post today, the lineal heavyweight champion expressed his desire for future fights with Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou.

Joshua and Ngannou are expected to box on March 8th in Saudi Arabia. Turki Alalshikh has repeatedly expressed his intention to match the winner of Joshua vs. Ngannou against the winner of Fury vs. Usyk. Fury seems to be on board with this plan, indicating his interest in facing both heavyweights in the future, possibly Joshua twice.

'I keep hearing talk of people saying I should retire, or I’m going to retire soon, or whatever,' Fury stated in a video message posted on social media.
'I ain’t retiring anywhere. I’ve got two fights with Usyk for the undisputed title. Twice. Then, I’m going to fight 'AJ' once, maybe twice if there’s a rematch. If he wants one, after the first battering of him.'

He continued, 'Then I’m going to fight Ngannou again, and that’s just to start. So there’s five little fights for you, to whet your appetite with. I’m going nowhere! Nowhere! I’m a 35-year-old in the prime of my life, and I’m ready to smash all [of them].'"

Tyson Fury faced Francis Ngannou last October in Ngannou's first boxing match. Despite being a massive underdog, Ngannou nearly upset Fury, dropping him in round three and cutting him, but ultimately losing by split decision. Both fighters expressed interest in a rematch, but due to Fury's upcoming fight with Usyk, the rematch couldn't be arranged immediately. Nonetheless, it appears that Fury remains keen on facing Ngannou again.


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