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Tyson Fury wants Ngannou to knock out 'piece of sh*t' Deontay Wilder

One of Gypsy King's wishes is to see Francis Ngannou knock out Deontay Wilder in the boxing ring.

Ngannou, 36, left the UFC after failing to reach an agreement on a new deal, and a lucrative switch to boxing has been suggested.

In a two-fight deal, Wilder, 37, has even offered to compete against the heavyweight in the ring and the cage.

Fury, who co-starred in an epic trilogy with the American, supports Ngannou but is pessimistic about his chances of defeating the former WBC champion.

“Ngannouis big enough to knock anybody out. But I don’t think he does because I think Wilder knocks him out first. Fury said.

“Wilder’s the type of guy who’s like a piece of s*** kinda guy, so I’d like to see Ngannou chin him, knock him spark out. But I don’t think he would.”

If Fury, 34, loses his title unification match against Oleksandr Usyk, 36, Ngannou is also willing to fight.

But given that their rivalry is still raging, a fourth fight with Wilder has also not been ruled out.

They initially drew in 2018, and Fury went on to win the subsequent rematches, but there is still animosity between them because Wilder accused Fury of cheating during the trilogy series.

“That was a beating for the ages, I gave him some rattling punches. But he obviously didn’t take enough punishment.

“So don’t rule out a fourth fight.”


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