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Tyson Fury Will Donate His Prize Money To The Homeless

In an unprecedented move, Tyson Fury sets to donate the majority of his winnings to help the homeless. Fury said - "I don't really have much use for it. I'm not interested in becoming a millionaire. I'm going to give it to the poor and I'm going to build homes for the homeless."

Tyson Fury is a class act. He recently gave a homeless man his shoes and set out to help him while everyone else just tried to ignore the poor soul. -

"What happened was, we were in Starbucks having a coffee minding our own business just looking out the window and there was this old fella outside no shoes on him - one shoe off, one foot bleeding. Everyone was looking at him like ‘get rid of him,’ he walked off and I thought that’s somebody’s child, that’s a human being.

As he walked off through the crowd I heard somebody say to me, ‘give him your shoes, go and give him them shoes on your feet,’ I was like 'yeah'."

If you want a role model, look no further than Tyson Fury. Fight.TV does! We respect him and you should too. We should all aspire to be more like Tyson Fury.


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