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UFC 269 results, highlights: Julianna Pena scores shocking upset of Amanda Nunes to claim title

Julianna Pena shocked the world by unanimously eliminating MMA's biggest female fighter ever in UFC 269 within two rounds. In UFC 269, Julianna Pena made the unbelievable dream come true by overthrowing the Queen of Women's MMA. When Pena rocked Nunes in the second round of her co-host event, she dragged the "tiger" to the ground and secured the rear bare square to capture the UFC Women's Bantamweight Crown. As soon as the match starts. After a few seconds of feeling each other, Nunes swayed with a heavy kick in the leg that placed Pena on her back. Nunes stepped forward to strike the ground, but Pena returned to her wings, defending herself. At one point it seemed that Nunes might finish the game in the first round. As pena returned to her feet, Nunes fired another large shot, which hit Pena and knocked her to the ground. Nunes followed and worked to try to submit something, but she couldn't keep the drink within the opening frame. In the early stages of the second round, the match took a turn for the worse when Pena cut Nunes in the middle with some straight punches, and the champion forced her into a slugfest. Pena suddenly rained down, but Nunes apparently took them without any problem and retaliated. Nunes hit a good punch that caused Pena's left cheekbone to swell. But at the same time, there were some signs of fatigue on Nunes as she was working hard. But luck seemed to be with the pena today. At the end of the second round, Pena took a chance and managed to get down. Which, of course, made the game an overnight sensation. With this, "The Ultimate Fighter" became the eighth fighter in the history of UFC to win the reality series and the season of UFC Belt. "I told you, never doubt me again," Pena said in an interview after the fight. "Strength, power, and determination. It will take your place. "I definitely expected to win and I'm very grateful. The world is my shell and you have the ability to literally do whatever you want in this life. I have just proved it. " Nunes (21-4) lost to their UFC women's bantamweight champion. However, she remains the UFC Women's Featherweight Queen. Losing to Pena ended the 12-fight winning streak in 2015. The question is, would you like to have a reunion with Nunes and Pena? Will she be able to get her belt back again?


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