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UFC Champ Sean Strickland's Shocking Take on Women's MMA: What He Said Will Surprise You


UFC champion Sean Strickland has once again made waves with his controversial comments, this time expressing his reservations about women's mixed martial arts. Known for his outspoken nature, Strickland's latest remarks have stirred up debate as he gears up for UFC 297.

In a recent media appearance leading up to his upcoming fight, Strickland didn't hold back when discussing various topics.

“Here’s the thing guys – WNBA, let’s just be honest. I’m not gonna be offensive when I say this. WNBA, NBA. Who watches what? Who makes more money? Women’s MMA, sure, have women’s MMA, have it a f***ing thing.
I don’t like to watch it. I don’t think most people like to watch it. If the females in MMA were to separate from male MMA, no-one is gonna watch this s***. No-one wants to watch this s***. It is what it is, man. I don’t know what to f***ing tell you, dude.
“Do you want to watch a f***ing sports car race a f***ing Honda Civic? No, you wanna watch a f***ing sports car. There is a vast difference between men and women.
If you take this weak little f***ing Canadian sitting next to you, he could probably beat up f***ing Raquel Pennington. Any one of you f***s could probably beat our co-main event in a fight. I’m not saying you can’t sit there and f***ing enjoy it, but I don’t wanna go see two little f***ing cats fight. I wanna see lions fight.”

Notably, he addressed a journalist with a passionate rant and also shared his thoughts on women's MMA in response to a question about sharing the card with Raquel Pennington, who had previously picked against him in a bout.

Strickland's comments have once again placed him in the spotlight, showcasing his willingness to speak his mind regardless of the potential controversy. As the anticipation builds for UFC 297, all eyes will be on Strickland both inside and outside the octagon.


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