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UFC Legend Frank Mir's Big Announcement: Only on FIGHT.TV!

In a recent exclusive interview with FIGHT.TV, renowned UFC veteran Frank Mir opened up about his plans for upcoming fights, expressing his eagerness to step back into the octagon.

Frank Mir

Mir, known for his impressive career in the UFC, revealed that he is determined to compete this year and is ready to take on any opponent.

"Definitely gonna fight this year. Call out everybody. Anybody will fight me. That's what's up, man," stated Mir, showcasing his readiness to face new challenges in the sport.

One potential opponent on Mir's radar is Alexey Oleynik, who came close to breaking Mir's record for the most submissions in the UFC. Mir expressed interest in a potential matchup with Oleynik, recognizing the competitive edge such a fight would bring.

"Oleynik, man, he almost took my record for the most submissions in the UFC, and so maybe I can get a fight with him," Mir commented, hinting at a possible showdown between the two seasoned fighters.

Mir's update has sparked interest among fans and pundits alike, with many eagerly anticipating his return to the UFC. As a veteran of the sport, Mir's willingness to face any challenger demonstrates his enduring passion for mixed martial arts and his desire to leave a lasting legacy in the sport.

Stay tuned to FIGHT.TV for more exclusive updates on Frank Mir's future fights and other exciting developments in the world of combat sports.


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